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What is Addiction? Addiction is quite rampant across the world. It affects people from all walks of life and doesn’t discriminate from gender or race. Everyone knows or has close contact with someone battling a form of addiction.

The most common are drug and alcohol addictions. Once you get hooked, addiction can take over your whole life. It dictates how you live your life every single day. 

Where there's life, there's hope

Drug addiction makes all your actions compulsive. All your efforts each waking day are geared to the next hit. The focus on this is so intense that you can’t control how you behave around others. It explains why many addicts have few if any close relationships. Due to the addiction, how they behave repels everyone else no matter how hard they would want to stay close. 

Your thinking is most affected to an extent you can’t think straight at times. Your whole demeanor changes making it harder to function normally out in the society as you used to. Your brain wiring is not the same once you get addicted to drugs.

This is why even your behavior and way of life undergo severe change. Researchers have found that the brain changes immensely in addicts. Imagine shows clear changes in areas that are in charge of memory, decisiveness, and even behavior. 

You might start off with small dosages that give you the hit you need but that doesn’t last. As you keep using you build up a tolerance and soon need more than before.

It might have started as all fun and games due to peer pressure or as a coping mechanism but now it’s out of control. You are fully aware you have a problem but feel powerless over it. Efforts to stop never bear much fruit. 

The statistics on addiction are worrying. Currently in the US 1 in every 10 people is addicted to drugs and/alcohol. Opioids are taking over as the number one drug that most people are addicted to across the country. Addiction is classified today as a chronic disease and addicts need understanding and treatment. 

How to Treat Drug Addiction

Being that addiction is a chronic disease, it can be managed but never completely cured. Anyone who recovers from addiction is always at risk of a relapse.

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Many patients are treated successfully by using medication and behavioral therapy with positive results. Each addict is different and what works for one person might not for another. The best way is to create a formula for each. 

Many drug addiction awareness campaigns are geared towards prevention which helps long before the problem starts. It’s better to get ahead of the problem and reduce the chances of developing an addiction. Prevention has always been better than cure. Still, addiction is a reality that every person needs to deal with. 

Breaking an addiction is a commitment that you make for life. It starts with accepting you have a problem and need help. Trying to help a person that doesn’t accept they are an addict is an uphill task.

They fight all the way and resent any help directed their way. Many people don’t want to accept they are addicted and need help for a variety of reasons. For one they never thought it would get this bad and would rather not face the truth. 

Anyone trying to help addicts recover needs to master understanding and tolerance on a higher level or they won’t succeed. Quitting is difficult and most addicts would rather keep on with the behavior than fight it. If you judge an addict as being weak or soft then they rebel against the help due to harsh judgment. 

Recovery for life - To live life, you need recovery

What most addicts fear the most about quitting are the withdrawal symptoms that follow. The whole experience is nothing to write home about and even gets dangerous at some point. Your body demands the drugs or alcohol with all its might. This is why most addicts are advised to undergo withdrawal at rehab centers where they are under medical supervision. The best tip is to accept you need help and get checked into rehab. 

Don’t give up

Start slowly and build your life back. Since addiction has been part of your life for so long, rebuilding takes time. Be kind to yourself and accept to put in the work. Set small goals in life and work on them. Maybe you start by getting a job.

No matter what it is as long as it’s in a positive environment. As you start focusing on work, you have less time to be tempted by old habits. Keep busy and move ahead.